How big is my carbon footprint?

To try to better understand the impact of my current lifestyle on the planet, I thought I would try to measure my current carbon footprint.

I have completed the WWF footprint calculator:

This tells me that if everyone had the same lifestyle as me we would need 2.7 planets. Which is not ideal given that we only have one. So I definitely need to make some changes.

I have also filled in another carbon footprint questionnaire:

Based on this questionnaire, if everyone had a similar lifestyle to me we would need 3.7 planets! This questionnaire also calculated my carbon footprint at 13.8 tonnes per year or 6.6GHA (Global Hectares per person per year – apparently this is the amount of biologically productive land and sea required to meet my needs)

So this is all quite depressing and it seems I have rather a lot to do 🙁

The next step is to work out what I need to change to make my lifestyle more eco friendly…