Confessions of an eco sinner!

real nappy

I am feeling the need to confess an eco sin.

Here is the big one. I have two children and use disposable nappies for both. I feel really guilty about this but to date haven’t felt guilty enough to do anything about it. We were given some cloth nappies second hand a while back. However, on the (admittedly few) occasions that we tried them they just seemed to leak straight away. Not sure if this was user error or simply that they had seen better days and weren’t as waterproof as they used to be but the outcome was that we didn’t persist with them.

I realise confessing to this won’t undo the rather large contribution I am currently making to landfill and I feel the need to justify my actions by saying that sleep deprivation made me do it and that I was just too tired to deal with buckets of dirty nappies and the extra washing involved. But some new parents do manage so I guess I could have done if I had wanted to badly enough.

Given that I do now get (some) sleep I think I probably owe it to my rather guilty conscience (and also the planet) to give cloth nappies another go.

Watch this space and let’s see whether my conscience can motivate me to make a change in this part of my life!